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Federal Tax ID Number

A Federal Tax Identification Number
(also known as a “95 Number, ” “EIN Number” or “Tax Id”)
is a number assigned to all businesses.
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Federal Tax ID Number Certificate!

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Federal Tax ID Number

In the United States, a Federal Tax ID Number is a 9-digit number that identifies a business entity to the government. A business must have an EIN if it has employees or meets other criteria specified by the federal government. Click to Find Out if You Need A Tax ID or License.

Federal Tax ID Number

Important: All Businesses need a business license. In addition: If you will sell taxable items, you will also need a seller's license. If you will be an employer, it will need a federal EIN and a State EIN for employment tax withholding. Finally: If you file as an LLC corporate entity or you have other LLC members, you need a federal EIN.

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All starting businesses, (including small business, internet business, online business, online web sites,  ebay business, and home business), at
least get a business license and file a trade business name and in most cases obtain a tax id number.

More detail:
   1. All businesses need a business tax registration ( different from tax id numbers),
   2. All retailers and wholesalers need a retailer's or wholesaler's license,
   3. All employers need a federal employer number and state employer number, &
   4. All businesses need a trade name business name certificate, also called a dba doing businesses as certificate.

Find out what you need to start your small business:

This short quiz, will help you in determining whether you need a federal tax id number, a license or other business filing based on your particular business information.


The federal government uses either a social security number or an ein to identify a small business or other taxpayers when you have, or will have, employees.  When your business a corporation or LLC, when your business is a partnership... if you're ready, click on "Order Now" and we'll get started with your federal tax id number.

  • Our company files the necessary forms for businesses needing an employer identification number (EIN).

    As mentioned above an EIN is a federal identification number is issued by the IRS to identify a business entity.  EINs are also called Federal Tax ID numbers. Legally, you are required to identify your business with one of two numbers: either your social security number or an employer identification number.

    Generally you need a federal tax id number when your business:

  • Is a new small business
  • Hires, or will hire, employees
  • Is an LLC or Corporation
  • Opens a bank account
  • Changes type of legal business entity
  • If you are a sole proprietor, you can use a social security number on all of your government forms and other government documents, but most small business advisors recommend that you apply for an EIN for these documents.

    Furthermore, most banks require a federal tax id number in order to open a business bank account.

Federal Tax Id Numbers for starting new businesses


Federal Employer Identification Tax ID Number OR State Employer Number, OR Sales Tax Id Number !!!


Get Your Federal Tax Id Number




Get a any ONE or the following for  when you order a dba, incorporation,  or llc from our company.

  1. Federal Tax Id Number
  2. Sales Tax Id Number
  3. State Tax Id Number
  4. Business Tax Id


  • We can get you a Federal employer state tax id number or a federal tax id number  plus show you other resources that can help you and licenses and tax id required to start your business.

  • You need a federal tax id number and a state employer tax id number if you are an employer.  I.e., if you will hire employees.
  • You need a sales state tax id number if you selling retail or wholesale.
  • All businesses need a business tax registration tax id number.
  • All business may use a federal tax id number instead of a social security number to identify the business.

Federal Tax Id Number.  Do you need One? 

Find out: Take a Quiz that

Applies to all states & all businesses:

Quiz Short Online Easy Quiz Quiz to help Start a Business by Determining Whether You Need to Get a Business License i, a Tax Id Number,  Incorporate, Form an LLC, File a DBA, or Register Your Business by Filing a Business License.  You need a  Business License to Start a Home Based Business, eBay, or any Business including Online, Internet and Home Businesses: Click Here 


Federal Tax Identification Number

"95 Number," "E.I.N. Number," or "Tax I.D. Number") can be obtained by completing an fast and easy online form You need a tax id EIN if :

You want to use a tax id to open a bank account (instead of using your ss#)

  • Hiring (or will hire employees)

  • Started a New Business

  •  Formed an LLC or Corporation

  • Want to open a Bank Account

  • Just Changed Type of Organization

  • Just Purchased a Business

  • Created a Trust or Pension Plan

  • You are a Withholding agent for taxes

How it  Works
  • After you submit your form, we receive it in our email.

  • Then, you are directed to a secure webpage

  • Where you can pay by check or credit card. 

  • When we receive your payment,

  • We obtain your tax id number.

  • We send it to you by email or fax

  • The IRS sends you an official tax id package a couple of weeks later

Federal Tax ID Number - Complete application for IRS Federal Employer Tax ID Number online and we will email you or fax your number on the same business day or full refund. For Business Tax Number and Employer Number for All 50 States.

California State Tax ID Number - Complete application for California  Employer Tax ID Number online and we will email you or fax your number - takes 1-3 days.  For employers in California.  If you will pay more than $100 to employee(s) in any quarter.

 California State Seller's Permit- Complete application for California Seller's Permit / Resale State Permit Number online.  It takes a couple of weeks.  For Sellers or Wholesalers of taxable items.

We will get your Federal Tax Id On the Same Day  ( Within 24 Hours of any business day - 9-5 pm) or we will give you a full refund!   We will send it to you by email, fax or phone.  The IRS will send you a hard copy welcome package within two weeks.

The only thing you do is fill and submit an easy to fill form.  We do everything else!


Federal Tax Id Number Guide
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Filing Your Federal Tax Id Number For
Tax Id Number for Any State
online Federal Tax Id Number .

Small Business Federal Tax Id Number is one of the best ways to save.

Federal Tax Id Number Guide

Getting a Federal Tax Id Number can be a simple, reliable, and affordable process. We can help you decide whether Tax Id Number is needed or it is the right choice for you. Soon you will be able to download and review a " Guide to Tax Id Number for any city in the United States."

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If you are in your search of a company to file your Federal Tax Id Number , the most reliable company offering Tax Id Number is at

A Guide (coming soon) that will help you get a Federal Tax Id Number in any US City, County or State is written by an who has helped thousands of small business owners to set up their businesses.

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Federal Tax ID Number & Application


Download the tax id forms and the instructions here . A Tax Number can help you open a bank account, sign up for retail or wholesale products, apply for a business line of credit, drop shipping companies. 



Besides getting a tax id - Get business license services, a consultation with a business, or information about Government Grants.

Federal  Application-EIN-SS-4

ss4 federal tax id number form

Employer Tax  Numbers

EIN - SS-4 Application