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Federal Tax ID Number - most city, county and state governments require business owners to Register Your Business. You can file a Assumed Business Name doing business as certificate instead because you either have to file the Assumed Business Name, form an llc or Register Your Business as a corporation. In some cases, in addition to the state Business Registration, the federal government may also require you to get special Business Registration Papers, depending on the type of business or your business location business.

You can order online and obtain any of the following:    

  • can obtain a document for free when you buy 2 or more of the following documents.  If you qualify to get it free, the free filing does not include the state fee or an LLC agreement.  
  • LLC Starts at $199 ( complete package)  
  • Assumed Business Name Certificate - Starts at $119       
  • Incorporation Starts at $199 ( complete package)       
  • Business License $49  
  • Tax ID Number Starts at $29 ( complete package)       
  • Seller's Permit Starts at $39 ( complete package)  
  • State EIN Starts at $79 ( complete package)       
  • Federal EIN $29 ( complete package)  
  • Business Company Name Search Starts at $9 ( complete package)

All businesses need a  License, though it can be the same as a Business tax Registration - however, you need a business certificate and you can form an llc to Register Your Businessinstead of getting a Assumed Business Name business name certificate.  Your corporation name is the same as theAssumed Business Name business name.   This is a general Business Registration that allows you, as the Business owner, the freedom of  operating a registered corporate business.

Here's the process:

  1. Submit an online form with the corporate name.
  2. Search to determine the kind of Business Registrationyou need and obtain necessary Free LLC Formation online application.
  3. Submit  the online directors, and officers information must be usually must be renewed annually andthe government notifies you by sending you a form to complete and mail with your fee.

 State law requires businesses that provide certain products or services to get a state Business Registration.  Somebusinesses are also required to get business permits because businesses  must meet certain Business Registration legal requirements, such as pet clinics, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol.

To obtain a Business Registration Business Registration:

  1. Get to the Business Registration Business Registration requirement information and online application for your type of business.
  2. Submit the Business Registration online application and we will file it, or help you file it.

Sales Tax Business Registration Papers Business Registration  require a sales tax Registration or seller'slicense for all retail businesses. This allows you to buywholesale and charge sales tax to customers on items purchased.  You need to pay these taxes to Business Registration and that is where you use your Sales Tax Business Registration.

  • Home Occupation License If your business is home-based, Business Registration requires that you obtain a home occupation license and/ or a License. 

All businesses need a business license and a DBA, LLC or Incorporation.

All employers need a federal ein and a state ein.

All wholesalers or retailers of tangible taxable items need a seller's license.

Note you need either a DBA, or corporation or LLC not all or two of these.